Ropes Courses, Inc.

Ropes Courses, Inc. has been manufacturing, installing, and servicing ropes courses, zip lines and climbing structures since 1989. They developed the Sky Trail® system, a patented safety system that allows anyone to enjoy the ropes course experience. The custom safety harness does not allow guests to unhook themselves from the system until they are back on the ground.

Family Fun

It seems as though every ride manufacturer says they are “family friendly”, but a shared experience has been Ropes Courses’ primary design goal for over 25 years. Their collection of attractions are an experience that the entire family can do together and that’s what sets them apart from the competition. No other amusement ride, participatory or passive, involves each member of the family as completely as a ropes course.

RCI is located in Allegan, Michigan and employs over 80 craftspeople and steel workers. Combining a love of engineering, the outdoors, and ingenuity, they create ropes courses and ziplines for some of the world’s most famous purveyors of entertainment.


CTS Zipline

Sky Trail® Explorer

Sky Trail® Navigator

Sky Trail® Seeker

Sky Tykes™


The company’s product line includes a family of different ropes course designs, from the small Sky Trail Discovery® to the large, custom Sky Trail Explorer®. In addition, they offer the CTS Zip Line and towers. These attractions can each stand on their own, or be paired for a longer guest length of stay.

The most unique challenge a ropes course encounters is how to attain the necessary volume while still providing a safe guest experience. After years of design work the Ropes Courses, Inc., team came up with a solution- the Sky Trail®. This patented system takes the safety risk out of the guests’ hands by eliminating any unknowns from the equation.

The system utilizes a UHMW Polyethylene disc that runs encased in a steel track. This allows the track to be endless and offers generous capacity because no carabineer is required to move from area to area throughout the course. Guests are simply secured by an operator at the beginning of the course and free to put all of their concentration on the climbing tasks at hand. This system even allows guests to get around one another at the vertical column areas so each guest works at their own speed. This system increases the safety factor of the experience allowing a wide range of guests to enjoy the attraction. No other amusement ride offers the unique experience of the Sky Trail®.