Metallbau Emmeln

Metallbau Emmelmn offers the world’s best family attractions.

Family Attractions

Since the company’s founding in 1968 Metallbau Emmeln has worked with the development and manufacturing of amusement park rides and attractions. The company began by developing playground equipment and small rides, today they specialize in custom-themed attractions for some of the world’s largest theme park developers.

In the Eighties the company diversified and began to manufacturing electronic access systems as well as shipping containers. Because it offers so many different disciplines under one roof Metallbau is able to pull together a diversified team and offer rides manufactured to the highest standards. Everything is run out of the company’s factory in Haren, Germany and guarantees that their customers get the best products and service available.

Metallbau has worked with many different partners around the world. Some of the most impressive are the branded attractions the company has developed in conjunction with major corporations. Thomas the Tank Engine™ and Peppa Pig™ are both Mattel® brands that were turned into amusement park attractions. In addition, Metallbau has worked with Legoland® parks across the glove to create immersive experiences for their guests.


Car Rides

Duck Roundabout

Fire Rescue

Flying Wheels

High Seas

Park Express Train Ride

Pony Trek