Lagotronics Projects

The attraction industry’s tech leader.

Success Through Technology

In 1979 Lagotronics Projects began working with audio and lighting installations in smaller venues. Over the ensuing years the company grew into the television and amusement park industries. In its nearly 30 years of existence this technologically-advanced team has created a unique, interactive system that is able to be used virtually in all attractions.

Indoor and outdoor attractions can be completely transformed into a fully interactive attraction experience. With advanced technology developed by Lagotronics shooter-style games can be revamped with higher accuracy rates and guest enjoyment. In addition, the company created their own game department, which also allowed for custom media to accentuate themed rides. With their systems in use in parks worldwide, the company has displayed their preeminent presence in the attractions industry.

Lagotronics is based out of The Netherlands and has a commitment to their customers in providing quality products and service. The possibilities are endless with this innovative team.


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