Clip ‘n Climb®

Clip ‘n Climb® provides healthy, challenging fun for everyone.

Reaching New Heights

Founded in early 2005, the team at Clip ‘n Climb® has reinvented the world of indoor climbing. Utilizing their knowledge and backgrounds in both the amusement industry and design of climbing walls, they fused them together to enhance the guest experience. Life was given to the sport when the first location opened in late 2006 in New Zealand with prompt success. Over 76 locations worldwide have implemented the creative climbing challenges for guests to test themselves on around the globe.



In 2010, the Clip ‘n Climb founder John Targett was instrumental in developing a new auto belay system that Clip ‘n climb was designed to work around- TruBlue™. This new generation auto belay by Head Rush Technologies has allowed for safer operations at lower costs. TruBlue™ has been engineered to endure maximum usage. With dozens of options of different, funky and fun climbing challenges, the ability to make a truly unique location is limitless.

In 2012 Entre-Prises International Climbing Walls became the USA Distributor of Clip ‘n Climb.  In 2015, Entre-Prises (an ABEO company) purchased 50% of Clip n Climb International.  EntrePrises USA located in Bend, Oregon has been in business for over 25 years as the pioneers in the climbing wall industry.

As of 2016, Clip n Climb has 107 new projects worldwide.


Clip ‘n Climb®