KCL Engineering & Ride Entertainment Join Forces

Monster Small

KCL Engineering, a leader in custom lighting solutions, has chosen Ride Entertainment as their sales partner in the attractions industry.

KCL burst onto the scene this year with three notable projects at Adventureland Park, the most innovative being a first of its kind LED lighting system on the park’s new Gerstlauer roller coaster, The Monster. The coaster, which stands 131 feet tall, can be seen throughout the park by day, and at night the ground and track-mounted lights make the attraction a focal point.. Beyond an illumination solution, on a coaster designed to confuse riders, the lighting systems adds another layer of intrigue and unpredictability.

“When Adventureland shared the concept for The Monster, we had a vision to bring the entire structure to life through dynamic track lighting. Perhaps the fact that this was our first large-scale ride lighting project worked in our favor as we truly felt no limitations. We simply came up with an idea and engineered our way to it,” said Kris Kunze, PE, The Monster’s lead lighting designer.

“As soon as I saw what KCL could do I knew we needed to work with them,” laughed Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer at Ride Entertainment. “We are always on the lookout for innovation in the attractions industry and what they created for Adventureland was unlike anything I have seen. We are thrilled to see where they take their unique illumination concepts next,” he noted.

The Iowa-based engineering company is no stranger to working on high-profile projects worldwide. KCL Engineering has implemented LED solutions for Yankee Stadium, Safeco Field, and numerous skyscrapers around the globe.

“Working with Ride Entertainment is an absolute honor,” declared Kunze. “Their partnership provides immediate immersion into the attractions industry. We look forward to providing a wide variety of custom lighting solutions; from basic LED installations that give an existing attraction new life to park-wide solutions seen nowhere else in the world.”