Funtime Takes Flight StarFlyers Soar Across North America

The summer of 2017 saw three towering StarFlyers take flight across North America. The rides, which all offer breathtaking views of their respective properties, have quickly become icons in their new locations.

“North America continues to be a great place for us to grow,” said Hannes Lackner, General Manager at Funtime. “We have sold a lot of tower rides in North America since 2011 and look forward to more in the near future.”

In Colorado the classic Elitch Gardens was spinning seventeen stories about the city skyline. The park was able to squeeze it into a small open area near their iconic Twister II roller coaster.

“The addition of Star Flyer Gardens gave parkgoers the opportunity to experience an all-new thrill ride combined with breathtaking panoramic views of their favorite park attractions, the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains,” said Karl Traeger, the park’s Marketing Director.

At Valleyfair outside Minneapolis, Minnesota the 230-foot North Star installation turned heads. As the second-tallest attraction at the park it looks great and added to the park’s skyline. In addition, the 44-inch height requirement means that a wide demographic was able to ride. Fearless kids were often seen encouraging their parents to take a trip over 200 feet in the sky- a unique reversal in traditional amusement park family dynamics.

“North Star is the only ride of its kind in the upper Midwest,” noted Brad Marcy, General Manager at Valleyfair. He continued, “Guests love experiencing the beautiful views of the Minnesota River valley from 230 feet and North Star’s lighting package brings the Valleyfair skyline to life at night.”

The third StarFlyer to open was at Six Flags America in Largo, Maryland. The 242-attraction debuted as the tallest amusement ride in the state and riders saw downtown Washington D.C. from atop of the tower. Park President Rick Howarth said “At Six Flags America, we chose a StarFlyer as our new ride for 2017. As the tallest ride at Six Flags America, it makes a great visual statement while delivering high guest satisfaction scores all around. Our guests have been thrilled with this addition.”

In addition to selling all three towers, Ride Entertainment’s Installation Division installed the StarFlyers at Valleyfair and Six Flags America.

“All of these were great projects,” said Adam Sandy, the Chief Business Development Officer at Ride Entertainment. “Each park advertised the sky-scraping attraction in its own unique way and got great results. It is thrilling to see rides like this at a price point under two million dollars having a great impact on park attendance. In addition, having the Ride Entertainment installation team install their rides meant that our customers get an extremely competitive installation price while working with a team that has erected over a dozen StarFlyers.”