Funtime Skyfall Tower Excites at Nigloland

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DOLANCOURT, FRANCE – It has been a thrilling summer at Nigloand. This year the park’s centerpiece attraction was a 100 meter (328 foot) Skyfall drop ride from Funtime of Austria called Le Donjon de l’extrême.

“It was a very good project for us and one that put us on the map when it comes to drop rides,” said Hannes Lackner, the company’s head engineer. “In the past three years we have opened many drop towers, including the world’s tallest portable tower, and this gigantic tower in France is the eighth.”

At Nigloland 24 riders are carried to the top of the tower as they ride on a spinning gondola. Once at the apex the ride pauses, affording passengers a great view of the French countryside. After they take in the rolling hills of France the release mechanism opens and riders drop 100 meters in matter of seconds. Le Donjon de l’extrême is:

  • The tallest drop tower in the world with a rotating gondola
  • Tied as the tallest freefall ride in Europe
  • Tied as the fourth-tallest drop tower in the world

“We appreciate being Funtime’s partner and their dedication to innovation when it comes to vertical rides,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment, which handles Funtime’s projects in North America and Asia, among other markets. “The Skyfall is a fantastic addition to their portfolio and has been well-received over the past few years. In addition to their drop tower the StarFlyer vertical swing continues to be popular, we are opening three more in North America in 2017. Six Flags America, Valleyfair and another park that is yet-to-be-named will be sending guests skyward next year.”