Extreme Engineering Names Ride Entertainment the Distributor of the Cloud Coaster™

Sacramento, CA (March, 2017) – A revolutionary partnership to distribute Extreme Engineering’s award winning Cloud Coaster™ has been formed with the one of the world’s leading attractions industry products distributors, Ride Entertainment. As the official distributor of the Cloud Coaster™, Ride Entertainment will increase visibility and availability of the world’s first cart-less roller coaster.

As the world’s largest adventure product supplier for the amusement and resort industries, Extreme Engineering desired a distribution agent for the Cloud Coaster™ with a stellar reputation, long standing history and world-wide reach. As one of the largest distributors in attractions to the amusement industry with a robust world renowned reputation, Ride Entertainment was an ideal match for distributing their unique and groundbreaking product. Extreme Engineering and Ride Entertainment both share a long standing and active history with the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), which further connected the two companies together to form this exciting and dynamic new relationship.

Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing thrilling products to the attractions industry, having earned international recognition for innovation and commitment to quality entertainment, and will be the exclusive Cloud Coaster™ distributor in the Middle East including distribution towards large amusement parks and waterparks such as Six Flags, Universal and Disney worldwide.

Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment states, “We are thrilled to unite with one of the world’s largest adventure and amusement pioneers to promote growth in distribution of their innovative Cloud Coaster™. We look forward to serving countless satisfied customers and thrill seekers through this respected and rewarding partnership.”


Developed and designed by the entertainment experts at Extreme Engineering, the Cloud Coaster™ is an innovative part zip line and part flying roller coaster. The world’s first cart-less roller coaster gets its riders adrenaline pumping using a unique custom lift system to raise riders slowly, simulating the traditional anxious feeling at the start of a large roller coaster, then blasting off and giving the triple sensation of flying, zip-lining and rocketing up and down.

The Cloud Coaster™ also holds the esteemed title of being the only zipline coaster on the market using lifts, which allows tandem riders to be pulled up a track on motors to zip up hills for a truly unique ride. The Cloud Coaster™ won back-to-back IAAPA awards for best product display in 2015 and 2016 and was recently honored by USA Today as a Top Attraction.  The 2017 track design features a new tandem cart system so participants can enjoy ride the together, as well as exciting lifts and upgraded MBS braking technology.  The Cloud Coaster™ is the premier family-friendly thrill ride.

Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering states, “We are honored to see our one of a kind and treasured product distributed by an internationally recognized amusement and adventure powerhouse. Given their stellar reputation as a world renowned industry leader, it is as inventive as it is logical to partner with Ride Entertainment to distribute our groundbreaking and award winning Cloud Coaster™. We look forward to seeing our cherished product soar to new heights through this exciting new relationship.”

KCL Engineering & Ride Entertainment Join Forces

Monster Small

KCL Engineering, a leader in custom lighting solutions, has chosen Ride Entertainment as their sales partner in the attractions industry.

KCL burst onto the scene this year with three notable projects at Adventureland Park, the most innovative being a first of its kind LED lighting system on the park’s new Gerstlauer roller coaster, The Monster. The coaster, which stands 131 feet tall, can be seen throughout the park by day, and at night the ground and track-mounted lights make the attraction a focal point.. Beyond an illumination solution, on a coaster designed to confuse riders, the lighting systems adds another layer of intrigue and unpredictability.

“When Adventureland shared the concept for The Monster, we had a vision to bring the entire structure to life through dynamic track lighting. Perhaps the fact that this was our first large-scale ride lighting project worked in our favor as we truly felt no limitations. We simply came up with an idea and engineered our way to it,” said Kris Kunze, PE, The Monster’s lead lighting designer.

“As soon as I saw what KCL could do I knew we needed to work with them,” laughed Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer at Ride Entertainment. “We are always on the lookout for innovation in the attractions industry and what they created for Adventureland was unlike anything I have seen. We are thrilled to see where they take their unique illumination concepts next,” he noted.

The Iowa-based engineering company is no stranger to working on high-profile projects worldwide. KCL Engineering has implemented LED solutions for Yankee Stadium, Safeco Field, and numerous skyscrapers around the globe.

“Working with Ride Entertainment is an absolute honor,” declared Kunze. “Their partnership provides immediate immersion into the attractions industry. We look forward to providing a wide variety of custom lighting solutions; from basic LED installations that give an existing attraction new life to park-wide solutions seen nowhere else in the world.”

Lagotronics Projects Storms into the United States

Gardaland Ramses 2
Europapark atlantis 2

Lagotronics Projects is thrilled to announce their latest project and first in the U.S. For the 2017 season the Dutch company will update the Ghost Hunt dark ride at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut, U.S.A. with new shooters, targets and gaming system.

“We are thrilled to grow our presence in the North American market and excited to work with the team at Lake Compounce,” said Mark Beumers, CEO of Lagotronics Projects. “They have a fantastic park and we are proud to be a part of the many improvement projects at the property next year.”

The goal of the new equipment is to both increase uptime and guest enjoyment of the attraction. The new interactive system uses LED’s, which are safer and much more reliable than older-style guns. In addition, the removal of moving parts from the gun’s interior makes the Lagotronics Projects systems superior to those offered by many competitors. The guns offer increased accuracy and audio feedback when fired in order to increase the enjoyment of those brave enough to collect ghouls for points.

“Everyone is excited about the Lagotronics Projects system coming stateside,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer at Ride Entertainment, who represents the Dutch company in North America. “They have fantastic technology and game play, we know it will be a hit with riders at Lake Compounce,” he noted.

The project comes at an exciting time for the Dutch company. This year they debuted their GameChanger interactive attraction at Shimao’s Skyscrapers City, an interactive dark ride at Wanda Mall Nanchang, a dark ride upgrade at Chessington’s World of Adventures and showcased their Hand Symbol Control and Swipe Control at the attractions industry’s largest expositions.

“We are excited about what the future will bring. Lagotronics Projects has been on the cutting edge of the attractions industry for some time and we are looking forward to sharing more of our exciting innovations with the world,” said Beumers.

Funtime Skyfall Tower Excites at Nigloland

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DOLANCOURT, FRANCE – It has been a thrilling summer at Nigloand. This year the park’s centerpiece attraction was a 100 meter (328 foot) Skyfall drop ride from Funtime of Austria called Le Donjon de l’extrême.

“It was a very good project for us and one that put us on the map when it comes to drop rides,” said Hannes Lackner, the company’s head engineer. “In the past three years we have opened many drop towers, including the world’s tallest portable tower, and this gigantic tower in France is the eighth.”

At Nigloland 24 riders are carried to the top of the tower as they ride on a spinning gondola. Once at the apex the ride pauses, affording passengers a great view of the French countryside. After they take in the rolling hills of France the release mechanism opens and riders drop 100 meters in matter of seconds. Le Donjon de l’extrême is:

  • The tallest drop tower in the world with a rotating gondola
  • Tied as the tallest freefall ride in Europe
  • Tied as the fourth-tallest drop tower in the world

“We appreciate being Funtime’s partner and their dedication to innovation when it comes to vertical rides,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment, which handles Funtime’s projects in North America and Asia, among other markets. “The Skyfall is a fantastic addition to their portfolio and has been well-received over the past few years. In addition to their drop tower the StarFlyer vertical swing continues to be popular, we are opening three more in North America in 2017. Six Flags America, Valleyfair and another park that is yet-to-be-named will be sending guests skyward next year.”


New Skycoaster® Becomes Instant Landmark at Andy Alligator’s Fun Park

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Motorists traveling along I-35 just 10 miles south of Oklahoma City now have a prime view of the State’s newest thrill ride- a 109 foot A-Frame Single Skycoaster® that has instantly become the new vertical icon for Andy Alligator’s Fun Park.

The combination FEC-Waterpark has steadily grown since its debut and the addition of the Skycoaster® marks a milestone in the park’s history.  “The FEC business is changing and we continue to look for attractions that meet the demands of our guests. We are excited to add an attraction we feel will take our business to new heights”, proclaimed Kyle Allison, the park’s General Manager.  “The Skycoaster® is unique and that’s what we look for. Our customers are already intrigued by the construction of the towers and we can’t wait for the first ride!  We are confident the Skycoaster® will take us to the next level. Our customers are excited for a cutting edge thrill attraction.”

Skycoaster’s Managing Director Mark Rosenzweig is also thrilled with the installation.  He added, “This model of Skycoaster® is ideal for the FEC and small to medium-sized park market.  For the investment, it is tough to find another vertical piece that makes such a strong visual presence.  We are confident that the attraction will serve Andy Alligator’s well over the coming years.”

The Skycoaster® in Norman, Oklahoma is slated to open in the spring of 2016.

Skycoaster® is the world’s first interactive thrill ride and continues to thrill riders at parks of all sizes around the globe.

Snap Stats.

Height: 109 ft (33 m)

Top Speed: 55 mph (89 km/h)

Instant Capacity: Up to 3 flyers

Height Requirement: 42 in (1.07 m)

Skyhawk Opens at Canada’s Wonderland

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May 3, 2016: The western hemisphere’s first Skyroller from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides has opened. Skyhawk at Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughn Ontario, Canada debuted to the media on April 21st to rave reviews and the park’s season pass holders on April 29th. The ride, which stands 135 feet (41 meters) tall serves as the new gateway to the park’s Action Zone and has captured the attention of both riders and onlookers.

24 passengers board the individual seats on the Skyroller and are taken high above the park. After the ride starts the vehicles quickly unlock and the ride accelerates. As it gains speed the wind runs over the wings and guests can do barrel rolls through the sky.

What makes this attraction different from so many other flat rides is the interactivity. “Skyhawk offers riders the ability to control their own experience,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment. “Once the ride sequence starts guests move the wings to affect the airflow around the ride. They can flip over 75 times or not at all- riders are completely in control. The Skyroller is part of a new generation of interactive attractions that allow the rider to control their experience.”

“This has been a great project for Gerstlauer. Canada’s Wonderland and Cedar Fair have been great partners and we are thrilled to have the first Skyroller open in North America. In a park full of great thrill rides Skyhawk holds its own and really makes an impact,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, the Managing Director of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. The Sky Roller is part of Gerstlauer’s continuing effort to create flat rides that offer an interactive experience. The Sky Roller compliments the company’s Sky Fly attraction, both turn riders into pilots.

Skyhawk is one of two exciting attractions Canada’s Wonderland has added for its 35th anniversary season.

Snap Stats:

Height: 135 ft (41 m)

Top Speed: 11 rpm

Instant Capacity: 24

Rider Height Requirement: 48 in (1.22 m)

Ride Entertainment Partners with Clip ‘n Climb®

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Ride Entertainment has begun representing Clip ‘n Climb®.  The company, which manufactures and installs adventure zones and full climbing centers comprised of multiple climbing elements, was founded in 2006 and designed with years of climbing experience.

“We are excited to partner with Clip ‘n Climb® and represent their product to North American amusement parks,” said Adam Sandy, Ride Entertainment’s Chief Business Development Officer.  “Parks continue to come to us and request interactive attractions, which is why we wanted to find another partner that can offer our customers safe, fun experiences where the guest experience is active, not passive.”

Clip ‘n Climb® sells groups of climbing challenges that participants climb using the TruBlue™ auto belay system. Their unique elements like the Astroball and Stairway to Heaven come from a catalogue of over 30 Challenges and can be mixed and matched to offer each customer the perfect collection of attractions and climbing routes. All Clip ‘n Climb® products are sold turn-key, which means that operators are handed the center ready to operate.

Clip ‘n Climb’s® North American Sales Manager Susan Anderson said, “We are proud to be the innovator and pioneer in family climbing.  An enormous amount of thought, climbing expertise and engineering went into each Challenge we manufacture.  We currently have 76 locations worldwide and have 107 new projects underway.  The continued growth in the US is a perfect fit for with Amusement Parks, Trampoline Parks, FEC’s, Resorts, and Sports Complexes or a Stand Alone Family Climbing Center”.

The Clip ‘n Climb® system has been a hit with owners around the world because of its fast return on investment and popular with a generation of park-goers looking for a hands-on experience. The company’s latest installation will open at Top Jump Trampoline Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on March 30, 2016 and feature 21 climbing lines.  This will be the largest Clip ‘n Climb® in the US to date.

Find out more about Clip ‘n Climb® here.

Lagotronics Projects and Ride Entertainment Join Forces

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Lagotronics Projects and Ride Entertainment are working together in the North American theme park industry. The partnership brings together the industry’s premier technology leader with one of the best-known sales companies.

Lagotronics Projects (www.LagotronicsProjects.com) is a leader in the theme park industry, with the best quality interactive systems and technology in the world. By combining this with audiovisual products, lighting and games, they create unforgettable memories for visitors of theme parks. Their innovative and high quality solutions offer great experiences for virtually every leisure business, such as theme parks, museums, amusement parks, shopping centers, and retail areas. Their completed projects speak tremendously to the imagination.

Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing thrilling rides to the attractions industry. The company was founded as a company focused on offering the industry the best rides from around the globe. Over the years, they have expanded to serve every sector of the attractions industry: sales, financial partnerships, installations, proprietary thrill rides based and operations.

Mark Beumers, CEO Lagotronics Projects, said, “I’m extremely pleased with this promising partnership. Both companies have many commonalities and will strengthen each other tremendously. I believe this partnership will have many advantages. Not only for ourselves, but for the whole theme park industry!”

Adam Sandy, Ride Entertainment’s Chief Business Development Officer, agreed, “We have been looking to add a technological component to the portfolio and are thrilled to partner with Lagotronics Projects. Their combination of innovation, technology and reliability are why we feel their potential is limitless.”


Skycoaster® Heads to Mexico

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Skycoaster® had a banner 2015 season that featured three new installations opening to the public, including two in Mexico. The famous extreme ride company is also on the cusp of celebrating its 25th anniversary.

One of the installations was at Six Flags Mexico in Mexico City. This is the country’s largest and most attended theme park and can now also lay claim to having the tallest Skycoaster® in the Mexico as well! Standing over 180 feet tall, the new X-Flight debuted this in October to much fanfare.

“We are extremely excited to debut Mexico’s tallest Skycoaster® for our guests”, stated America Sosa, the park’s Communications Manager. “The extreme thrills coupled with the amazing views from heights of over 180 feet combine to provide a ride experience that is unparalleled throughout our region. In addition, the colorfully painted flight and launch towers add yet another dramatic piece to Six Flags Mexico’s spectacular skyline.”

Meanwhile, a little over 200 miles to the south and west of Mexico City in the famed resort city of Acapulco, El Rollo Waterpark debuted a 109 foot single Skycoaster® that allows guests to fly out over the scenic beaches with onlookers observing from below.

“All of us at El Rollo are extremely pleased with the opening of our new Skycoaster®” said Mario Medina, one of the group’s Executive Directors. “With one of the most spectacular locations for one of these thrilling attractions in the world, we look forward to having our guests flying over the beautiful Acapulco beaches for many years to come. The Skycoaster® perfectly complements our other water park attraction offerings and has quickly become one of our centerpiece landmarks.”

“Skycoaster® has come a long way from its humble roots in 1992 to now having over 80 flight lines on 6 continents” said Mark Rosenzweig, Skycoaster’s Managing Director. “With an unbeatable ride experience, impeccable safety record, and ground breaking operator certification programs, we could not be happier with where our brand has come. We are thrilled to have entered the Mexican market with these two great installations that have been received so well by guests at both Six Flags Mexico and El Rollo Acapulco.”

Installing Rides across North America

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Ride Entertainment’s Installation Team continues to work on some of the attraction industry’s most notable projects. This season the company worked on projects across North America.

“It was another year where we logged a lot of miles, but the travel allows us to work with a myriad of parks and properties, which is great for us,” said Bill Wright, the Managing Director of the Installation Division. “We continue to do a lot of unique projects, which is fantastic because it means no two jobs are the same,” he noted.

One challenging installation was the magnetic brake retrofit on Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Here we supplied a braking system from our partner Velocity Magnetics, Inc. and utilized the team of Irvine Ondrey Engineering for the control work. Obviously the coaster is an extremely custom layout and it took a lot of fine tuning to ensure that the system worked well in a wide range of temperatures,” said Wright.

Another large set of projects included the installation of two Funtime Slingshot attractions at Cedar Fair properties, Canada’s Wonderland and Carowinds. Here the team supplied manpower and know-how to install the 60 meter (197 foot) towers, both of which opened on time. “[The Slingshot] was a smooth installation and well-received by our guests,” said Norm Pirtovshek, Vice President and General Manager of Canada’s Wonderland.

The group will soon tackle a project they are looking forward to: the move and erection of a Ferris wheel from a Florida park to Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park in Texas that features rides designed to accommodate disabled guests. “Morgan’s Wonderland has a great mission and we are thrilled to play a small part in their growth,” said Mike Gutknecht, who handles Special Projects for Ride Entertainment.

2015 Projects

  • Adventure City (CA): Gerstlauer Family Coaster Technical Supervision
  • Canada’s Wonderland (ON): Slingshot Installation
  • Carowinds (NC): Slingshot Installation
  • Kennywood (PA): Magnetic Brake Retrofit and Control System Upgrade
  • Killington (VT): SkyTrail® Ropes Course Installation
  • Morey’s Piers (NJ): Skycoaster® Take Down
  • Morgan’s Wonderland (TX): Ferris Wheel (take down in Florida and erection in Texas)
  • Six Flags Mexico (MX): Skycoaster® (take down in Texas and erection in Mexico)
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas (TX): Screamin’ Eagle Zipline Installation
  • Toronto Zoo (ON): Carousel Refurbishment