Our Vision

Making the most of family time.

Ride Entertainment specializes in family parks-public, private or as a part of your zoo.  Consisting of 5-10 traditional, time-tested and proven rides, our family park focuses on families with children ages 12 and under.  Our goal is to create mutually beneficial, long-term relationships by finding the right attractions for the right sites.


Our success with this style of park is not just the rides and games we choose, it is the philosophy that we use when designing and running a park built for families.  We understand that today’s family is different from previous generations in that time spent together as a family is unfortunately at a premium in many cases. Oftentimes both parents work, children’s sports and activities take up a lion’s share of the non-school time, and technology seems to wrestle away whatever free time is left.

Our parks succeed because we combine the best in modern marketing and social media with classic amusement park attractions. By carefully choosing rides and attractions that families enjoy together, we provide a platform for shared experiences. These family memories are something that survives generations. All of our team members can recount great childhood memories at amusement parks and many now know the excitement of taking their children on rides at parks they helped develop. By choosing the right mix of rides, games, attractions and theming, we help guests create memories that last a lifetime.