We specialize in creating spaces for families to have fun together. Whether our parks feature extreme rides or a collection of family attractions, the key is that they are designed so that families and friends come to a clean, fun environment and engage with one another.

Our leadership team executes a turn-key approach to the project.  Where our partners operate and maintain the attraction(s), we procure and install the rides while interfacing with the manufacturers to provide commissioning and operations/maintenance training.  Or if the project calls on our team to operate and maintain the attraction(s), we are fully equipped to install attractions and set up an experienced operations team who will be trained by the manufacturers as well as following our detail-oriented corporate standard operating procedures that have won our operations team accolades. We ensure that every part of the process-feasibility, master planning, construction, and opening-occur without problems. We offer something unique because our team has the experience and expertise necessary to seamlessly create, maintain and operate your park.  All of our services come into play when we design your park.



We know the cost of rides and attractions, and work to ensure that you are purchasing the best ride at the best price.


Ride Entertainment can be involved in the park start-up and first 12-24 months of operation or run your park on an ongoing basis.

Ride Entertainment’s experience is unmatched in this area. We enjoy making dreams a reality and are proud that our parks serve as a place where some of the best childhood memories are created.

Financial Partnerships:

Our experience investing in many different types of attractions allows us to find the best location for your park and to choose the best rides to include in it. For our public parks and zoo partners, we can help generate revenue that allows for funding of otherwise neglected projects- all with little or no capital outlay. Our portfolio shows how an effective PPP can play a role in filling funding gaps by creating new revenue streams. We can do this without disturbing the primary objective or overall use, feel or aesthetics of a given park system or zoo. Revenue sharing with Ride Entertainment utilizes our experience and expertise in the attractions industry and our success in creating and maintaining P3 projects.