Case Study

Bringing rides to the jungle.

Jungle Jack’s Landing at the Columbus Zoo

Ride Entertainment partnered with the Columbus Zoo for the largest expansion in their history. We were involved throughout the entire project- from the initial planning stages through the ride installation.  With our understanding of amusement park attractions, we brought a unique set of skills to the project. The project team also consisted of the zoo, headed by amusement industry veteran and Zoo COO Manny Gonzalez, and master planning group Bruce Robinson Design. Ride Entertainment and these two parties made for a great triad as we planned the zoo’s family ride amusement park, Jungle Jack’s Landing.

The zoo kept and refurbished a handful of existing attractions. We were an integral part of the process as we chose new attractions that: targeted the zoo’s family demographic, allowed parents and children to ride together, and had significant hourly capacity. Bruce Robinson’s team did a masterful job of theming the rides to various animal concepts, which further enhanced the guest experience.  Using the Columbus Zoo’s relationship with environmentalist Jack Hanna as a guide, together we crafted a guest experience focused on family fun and environmental stewardship.

Ride Entertainment was also involved throughout the construction process. Our team was on site, working with the zoo’s installation crews and interfacing with the representatives from the various ride manufacturers.  When we encountered delays with various attractions our team found various solutions to work around the problems and accelerate the project as a whole. The opening of Jungle Jack’s Landing helped redefine the Columbus Zoo in the North American market.  Our attractions were key in making the zoo a multi-day destination. Today, it is truly a one-of-a-kind property that attracts guests from around the country.