Our Story

Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing thrilling rides to the attractions industry.  From record-breaking roller coasters to world-renowned brands to award-winning family attractions, we have earned international recognition for innovation and commitment to quality entertainment. We understand that our customers want the best, which is why we offer world-class attractions, parks and people.

Why Ride?

Mixing excitement and laughter with large doses of thrills for all ages, Ride Entertainment proves each and every day you are never too young or too old to have the experience of a lifetime.

Nearly 20 years ago, Ride Entertainment was founded as a sales company focused on offering the industry the best thrill rides from around the globe. Over the ensuing years, we have expanded to serve every sector of the attractions industry. Our work can be found on six continents and we specialize in six industry disciplines: Sales, Operations, Financial Partnerships, Installations, Attractions based upon Proprietary Technology, and Park Development.

Award-winning, hair-raising roller coasters, vertical swing rides in the Guinness Book of World Records™, and licensed, world-renowned brands such as and Thomas the Tank Engine™. These are just a few items from our large portfolio of products that made Ride Entertainment the world leader in providing attractions that thrill the entire family.

Ride Entertainment manages a wide array of amusement parks and world-class stand-alone attractions. We put together the best teams to run parks of all sizes.

We are the attraction industry’s largest provider of revenue share attractions. Ride Entertainment offers amusement parks, zoos, aquariums and other facilities the ability to partner with us and our exclusive brands to thrill their customers.

Ride Entertainment is the industry’s number one company for attraction installation and we have a project portfolio that includes many of the world’s top rides. We also offer amusement parks facilities a full-range of services including maintenance, parts, and retrofit capabilities.



We develop, manufacture, and sell proprietary products that provide our customers with the ability to uniquely thrill the entire family.  All of our in-house attractions offer every buyer a tremendous return on their investment.

Our most famous ride technology brand is Skycoaster®, the world’s most popular thrill ride. Combining hang-gliding and skydiving, Skycoaster® offers a shot of adrenaline like no other attraction. With over 75 flight lines around the world this ride offers the best thrill on earth and the industry’s most comprehensive safety program. Each year Skycoaster® staff travel around the globe to certify operators at each of our sites.

Ride Entertainment has combined all of our disciplines in order to develop parks for investment partners and clients. Using our knowledge of Ride Sales, Operations, Financial Partnerships, Installations, and Proprietary Technology we create spaces that offer unique entertainment. We specialize in designing and implementing park plans with families in-mind.