Our Operations Division can tackle a green field project or management of an existing park. Upon contracting for an existing property Ride Entertainment will examine the park’s current collection of infrastructure, rides, food service, in-park spending and design a detailed and customized plan accordingly. Our experienced team addresses every project from all angles.


Our plan always assesses capital needs. We are prepared to infuse the proper investment into a property to create the best customer experience and achieve optimal financial success.


Our marketing program is always tailored to generate the best message for an individual park. Our team is experienced in print, web and social media advertising.  We craft a message designed to engage all the critical markets.



Our experienced installation team will upgrade existing rides and create a detailed ride maintenance program.


Start-Up and Operations:

Our team brings with it a complete start-up and operations program to hit the ground running on any project.  We  utilize our vault of knowledge about standard operating procedures and implement the best program for each park. We then hire and train a hand-picked team to run the property which often includes team members from existing sites who understand how to  preserve a park’s traditions while implementing Ride Entertainment’s standards of excellence and culture of success.