Ride Entertainment Parks & Attractions (REPA) delivers world-class service for amusement park and attraction development and operations. We form a comprehensive team that brings success through our experience, passion, and professional leadership towards our industry.


As a development and operations management team, we are always looking to grow and reshape our portfolio of parks and attractions. Our channel of services consist of:

  • Acquisitions:  Looking to sell?  We appreciate all opportunities.
  • Public/Private Partnerships: Looking to work with governmental agencies? We do that.
  • Private Partnerships: Looking to partner with someone?  We value our partners.
  • New Development: Looking to build from the ground up?  We have that expertise.

We adapt to the deal’s or project’s environment, so whether you prefer to work confidentially or publicly we are professional and sensitive to business conditions.

Contact us today to discuss how we can further your business and economics.