The E-Motionboard® is unlike any theater experience in existence. The standing experience adds a new dimension to the Flying Theater.

Guest Experience

Passengers walk onto the motion platform, lean against the motion grid and the show begins. Because the participants are standing, not sitting, the movement of the platform is more intense. The platform and ride system are synchronized with a film and moves with 6 degrees of freedom offering an amazing guest experience. The addition of special effects such as: wind, scent and temperature immerse the guest even more fully into the E-Motionboard® experience. In most locations we are allowed to operate without a safety restraint, which allows for a quick load/unload and a consistently high hourly capacity. emotionboard-ride-entertainment-flying-theater-amusement-park=8

Owner Experience


Our system can be used with any film, whether it is custom-made for you or chosen from a library. Should you need assistance in procuring a film that fits your audience we have several film house partners to choose from.

The E-Motionboard® works with the following formats:

  • 2D
  • 3d
  • VR

The E-Motionboard® makes life as an owner easy, as operations and maintenance are designed to be simple. The ride is constructed with equipment standard in the amusement industry: drives, sheaves, cables, and a control system. In addition, there is no hydraulic fluid to contend with. This eliminates the typical pit required under the ride as well as the issues of dealing with a hydraulic fluid spill. The ride requires a minimal footprint for a flying theater building. In addition, a larger frame can be built in order to allow significant side-to-side movements and the theater can move vertically. The ride can even load on one floor and unload on another. Compared to a traditional theater system, the full array of options is incredible.

The special effects further makes the E-Motionboard® stand out. We utilize an effects column so every guests gets the same experience. Wind, smell, and other special effects are located directly in front of the rider, which further immerses them into the film content.  The platform also has an option of a “drop” effect, which always surprises riders.

Technical Specifications

Footprint: 6.5 x 8.5 m (21 x 28 ft)
Height: 7 m (21 ft)
Instant Capacity: 39 standing riders and 1 wheelchair
Hourly Throughput: 1-platform 400 pph, 2-platforms 800 pph
Tech Specs:
Foundation Style: There are minimal foundation requirements, the ride can be set upon a floor that meets current IBC standards.
Ride Control System: Allen-Bradley PLC system
Electrical Power Req: 400 volt, 50 hz
Degrees of Freedom: 6
Side-to-Side Pitch: 12 degrees
Forward Roll: 17 degrees
Standards: Static calculations according to DIN, ASTM and CSEI regulations.
Height Restriction: 1 m (39 in)
-Translucent Floor and Walls
-Drop Effect

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