Lighting Systems

Illuminating Thrills

The possibilities are limitless with KCL Engineering’s custom lighting solutions. The company offers a myriad of options when it comes to lighting your attractions. The difference is that KCL is not married to specific LED lighting providers and they engineer a custom system that meets your vision each and every time. In addition to lighting single rides they can link multiple attractions or an entire park together to offer an immersive light show unlike anything your guests have ever seen before. Below are three examples of ride lighting projects KCL Engineering has conceptualized and installed. They can create a custom lighting concept for any attraction and welcome the opportunity to provide clients with unique ideas.


Roller Coaster
The Monster roller coaster garnered worldwide attention when it debuted with KCL’s LED system. The roller coaster, which stands 131 feet tall and has 5 inversions, stood out at night thanks for a lighting package that featured lights both on the ground and the track structure. This unique design concept allowed the park to utilize custom lighting schemes for interactive shows or have the lights follow the train around the course- something that had never been done before. Immediately after it opened the Monster received rave reviews, both for its thrilling ride and the way it looked different than any other roller coaster after the sun goes down.

Ferris Wheel
Lighting a Ferris wheel is no easy feat, it needs to be balanced and offer an engaging, illuminated canvas to park-goers.  The KCL team came up with a system to retrofit a 90-foot Chance Giant Wheel at Adventureland Park. The LED’s are not only practical, they are was extremely programmable; allowing the park to integrate many different custom designs on the lights. In fact, when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, the KCL team was able to “Fly the W” on the Ferris Wheel so that Iowans up and down Interstate 80 could celebrate the world series win.



Tower Rides
Vertical amusement rides are some of the hardest to light because most offer little usable surface area. KCL overcame this challenge by utilizing an LED upshine spotlight on an S&S Space Shot. Despite the tower’s 185-foot height, the lights, arranged at the bottom of the ride, have beams that bathe the top of the tower in light and offer custom illumination along the ride’s steel surface. The LED system means that the tower look can be customized and change with the season.