Ride Installations & Relocation

Installing or moving a ride? We have been worked on some of the largest projects around the world.

Ride Entertainment is proud to have been an installation partner of choice for both amusement parks and ride manufacturers around the world. We have worked on projects on every continent but Antartica. The difference when working with Ride Entertainment is that we bring a detailed approach to the job. From initial project visits to on-site work we strive to ensure that each project is a combination of safety and cost-efficiency. This combination occurs due to our unique skill set and decades of experience. The video below shows our involvement in erecting a world record vertical swing ride from Funtime.


We can also move your attraction- site to site within your park or cross-country, we have the skills and experience you need. Whether your attraction is a foundation, base frame or trailer-mount model our team of professionals will work with you to install your attraction in any unique location. We will work closely with you to provide the personal service you need to make your move as seamless as possible. We have worked with partners to move everything from roller coasters to kiddie rides and are the most cost-effective option in the industry.