Projects Around the World


Below are just some of the many unique attractions that we have installed or upgraded around the globe.


We installed Funtime’s Guinness World Record StarFlyer ride at Six Flags New England. Standing a record-breaking 122 meters (403 feet) this monster was set up in the dead of winter and opened on time despite significant snowfall throughout the project.


This 72 meter (236 foot) Slingshot ride was installed at Cedar Point mid-summer. Our team assembled the towers in the parking lot, weaved them through the park, and stood the ride in 4 picks at night. The ride was up in just two nights.


Six Flags hired us to take down and relocate the Iron Wolf roller coaster. The ride, which was the first roller coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard, opened at Six Flags Great America in 1992. We tore the coaster town, readied it for shipping, erected it at its new home at Six Flags America. We also fabricated the new station for the coaster.


For the 2012 season Hersheypark purchased new trains for one of its oldest coasters, the sooperdooperlooper. They also wanted to upgrade the braking, so we provided and installed a magnetic braking system and updated the Allan Bradley control system. The ride now glides to a smooth stop as it enters the brake run.


The New York, New York Casino engaged us to provide and install a new sprocket and chain for their roller coaster. The old chain (and many layers of grease) had to be removed from the chain trough before the new system could be installed.


We supervised the installation of a 250-foot Skycoaster® at Wet-n-Wild in Sydney, Australia. This monster was the centerpiece of a brand new water park and has quickly become the property’s icon.