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September 24, 2014- Catch the Wave

The Roar for More at Fantasy Shore


September 22, 2014

Our first season at Fantasy Shore Amusement Park has been a fun and challenging one. It is hard to believe that in early summer we began building an amusement park and a few weeks later it was up and running. The transition from parkland to amusement parks in a matter of weeks was an amazing one. Fantasy Shore ( is our third property in the New York City area and the second, small, family amusement park we run.

David P. Galst, Managing Director of Ride Operations Group, said, “Fantasy Shore has had a terrific inaugural season. The community has welcomed us with open arms and many guests tell us that they are thrilled that Staten Island has a family amusement park to call their own. On a side-note, as a lifelong fan of the amusement park industry, I am proud to say we operate the Verrazano Viper, Staten Island’s only roller coaster!”

Chris Mercaldo, who joined the company in late winter of this year, was handed the task of getting the property up and running. He noted, “Building Fantasy Shore for the great community here on Staten Island was an incredible experience. Day after day we had people coming up to the gate around our under construction amusement park telling us how excited they were for us to open and what a great addition we would be to their community. To bring an amusement park back to the people of Staten Island was very special, and it was great on opening day to see all of the smiles on everyone’s faces and hear their laughter in the air.”

We are extremely proud of the opening of the only amusement park on Staten Island. While there are lots of exciting amusement venues across New York City, we gave the families of Staten Island a “hometown amusement park.” Everyone on the Fantasy Shore team did an amazing job of getting the park up and running, we are proud to have them as team members.


Appreciate the Little Things


May 22, 2014

I recently found out that the first roller coaster (really, the first ride) I sold is for sale. The “Sequoia Adventure” at Gardaland was the first production model S&S Screaming Squirrel to open and apparently Gardaland wants to get rid of it.

I can’t say I blame them, it was not a very good ride at all. It hung guests upside down too long, it could not turn so the vehicle dropped into channel track that was rough, and the coaster really did not do a heck of a lot. To me it did not matter. The day I closed that deal remains one of the happiest of my professional career. I actually stopped and thought to myself- remember how this feels. Now, a lot of sales and projects later I still get happy thinking about Gardaland buying this ride.

It also taught me something about our projects; the little victories matter as much as the big ones and they need to be celebrated. When you have your eyes set on having the next project being bigger and better than your current one you will find yourself disappointed. But, it helps if you also remember to be happy about the smaller things. For our company, it can be a myriad of little things. Just this spring we had a World War II veteran who used to operate the Forest Park Carousel stop by for a ride on the Flushing Meadows Carousel. We also were awarded the contract to supply some decorative stanchions at Six Flags America for their new Rajin’ Cajun Spinning Coaster, which we just finished installing. Last, but not least, we were able to install the embed and first section of the Cedar Point Slingshot before the park opened- even though it had been stuck in customs for over a month! All little things to be sure, but each are important in their own right. If you celebrate the small stuff it helps you appreciate the landmark events even more.

Speaking of big victories, last week we were lucky enough to open the New England SkyScreamer at Six Flags New England. It stands 403 feet above the beautiful Massachusetts tree canopy and offers some spectacular views of the Connecticut River. Check out the amazing video below and enjoy your flight!


Light A Fire


March 28, 2014

2 launches. 1 chain lift. Airtime hills galore. A wild mouse turn off the lift. Where do we start? Fire Chaser Express at Dollywood is just awesome. This was one of our most-anticipated 2014 rides and it definitely lived up to the hype. It was also one of the most fun attractions we have been a part of. Herschend Family Entertainment, Dollywood’s parent company, is a great partner. When they buy a ride they theme it to the hilt and Fire Chaser was not different. The ride pays homage to fire fighters across the country and is designed for families to have fun together- what a great combination.

We love this ride for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is the fact that it is just not like anything else out there. Is it a mine train? Is it a launch coaster? Is it a family coaster? Yes, it is a little bit of all three. My personal favorite part of the ride is the launch out of the station. Kids are gripping the restraints with trepidation, even their parents don’t quite know what to expect. All of the sudden, the fire lights spin red around the walls and in matter of seconds the tire drives accelerate the ride out of the station and onto the course. I really love the little figure-eight that precedes the lift. The rest of the layout is riddled with surprises and I don’t want to spoil them for you. Suffice it to say, Fire Chaser Express is an awesome family ride. If you are a ride junkie, nerd or enthusiast you need to book a ticket to Pigeon Forge. Now.


The Only Ride With Its Own University

photo 1
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January 23, 2014

A guest post from Mark Rosenzweig, Skycoaster’s® Managing Director.

The key to Skycoaster®’s success from a safety and operational perspective has always been the close relationship between Skycoaster® and their many sites located worldwide. As has been tradition since the attraction’s inception in 1992, representatives from Skycoaster® and Skycoaster® sites gather annually for the Skycoaster® Owners Conference and Safety Symposium, an event unique to the attractions industry.

This year’s conference was held on Wednesday and Thursday January 15th and 16th, in Orlando, FL. As has been done in years past, the event was held in conjunction with the AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers Trade Association) Safety Seminar. Nearly 60 Skycoaster® site representatives from as far away as Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, B.C. were in attendance. The event was a huge success with presentations from Skycoaster® service parts suppliers, Skycoaster® staff, and even a special appearance from Skycoaster®’s original inventor, Bill Kitchen! Following the first day of speakers (and a game of Skycoaster® Jeopardy), attendees gathered for our evening reception where more socializing and bonding would ensue.

Thursday morning, attendees gathered once again to take their Site Controller tests before heading home or back to take their remaining AIMS classes.

Install Yourself a Merry Little Embed


December 18, 2013

While it has gotten cold and snowy long the Eastern Seaboard we have been hard at work on 2014. While IAAPA and Thanksgiving created plenty of downtime we have been getting ready for next year’s exciting attractions. In Massachusetts Entertainment Management Group and Funtime team members were there setting the embed for the 403-foot StarFlyer (top picture). The ride obviously has a gigantic concrete foundation, but we actually place a large, steel piece into the foundation that acts as an anchor for the entire ride. The embed, which is “embedded” in the concrete, is the key piece that transfers the load of the rides into the surrounding concrete and earth, so obviously every dimension involving it is critical and we have tolerances in millimeters. The piece weighs 23,000 pounds, so obviously assembling and concreting a piece this large is no small task. Over in Gurnee (halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, not a warm winter spot) we took apart the Zamperla/Reverchon Spinning Coaster in less than a week. The ride should be arriving in Maryland as we speak. Because it was pinned the ride came down very quickly and the only jack hammering required were for a few columns embedded in the concrete in the station area.

Our parks and carousels have been doing great. We just wrapped up running the Greenway Carousel in Boston for the year and in Baltimore the Charm City Carousel has been open weekends as the weather permits. The great German-style Christmas village has been open in the Inner Harbor along with a photo spot for kids to get their pictures taken with Santa, so there has been plenty of family activity in Baltimore.

I spoke with David Galst, who runs Ride Operations Group, the REG operations team. He said, “For the 2nd year in a row, we are bringing in Todd Goings (world-renowned carousel expert from Carousels and Carvings) to do an annual check-up on the Forest Park Carousel. We feel it is good to have an outside pair of eyes give the carousel a once over to make sure all mechanical components are functioning properly and that all proper maintenance has been done to keep the carousel spinning for the upcoming season. Also, we have repainted the center of the carousel’s floor.

Over at Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows Carousel, we have removed the Corona Choo-Choo from its tracks and covered all vehicles of the Queens Himalaya (bottom picture), Fantasy Frog Hopper, and Corona Cobra Coaster. The games have been winterized and the VIP Party Tents have been taken down. As part of our maintenance plan, we are preparing to remove the rollercoaster train of the Corona Cobra to disassemble the undercarriage of each vehicle and have certain parts undergo NDT testing (non-destructive testing). This annual maintenance procedure will allow us to find things that the naked eye can’t find during our normal daily inspections. Finally, we are bringing in Todd Goings to review the Flushing Meadows Carousel, also so he can make recommendations as to keeping this ride running in top-notch shape.”


Forest Park Fun


November 1, 2013

This Monday we were thrilled to see the a great honor bestowed upon one of New York City’s jewels- the Forest Park Carousel.  On this day it was officially designated a New York City landmark and we could not be happier- we feel like proud parents.  The Forest Park Carousel is the third amusement ride (after Coney Island’s “Cyclone” and “Wonder Wheel” ) to be named a city landmark, and the first carousel.  It is also one of two Mueller Carousels left in existence, with the second still running at Cedar Point.

We currently operate the Forest Park Carousel through a long-term lease with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.  2013 marks our second year operating the carousel, before that it had sat dormant for several years.  The community support we have had since opening for Memorial Day Weekend, 2012 has been overwhelming and we cannot thank the surrounding communities enough.  If you are around this weekend we invite you to stop by and go for a ride.  Between the beautiful weather and the great news this truly is a reason to celebrate the Forest Park Carousel.  You can read more about this week’s event in this Queen’s Chronicle article:


Yeah, We Do That

DA4_2377_05-29-13 FMCP Carousel RC

October 10, 2013

Shortly before IAAPA we will open the website of our newest company, Ride Operations Group (ROG), which has been growing for several years. It will be at This company is the one that brought two classic carousels back to life.  At Forest Park and Flushing Meadows, both in Queens, we were the partner chosen by the New York Parks Department to operate their classic machines, both of which were shuttered at the time.

Not only did we operate them, we hit a home run with families throughout the borough.  Things went so well in Flushing we expanded the Flushing Meadows Carousel into Fantasy Forest (, a family amusement park with 5 rides.  At Forest Park ( the carousel was named a landmark by the city of New York and named the “#2 Most Beautiful Carousel” by Fox News and “One of the 10-Best Carousels in the Country” by USA Today.

In 2014 we also expanded into two new Eastern Seaboard cities, Boston and Baltimore.  In Boston we operate the Greenway Carousel, one of the most beautiful custom carousels to be built in the United States in the past decade.  Further south in Baltimore we run the Charm City Carousel, a ride set adjacent to the city’s Inner Harbor.  Both rides have been extremely popular and run under ROG’s philosophy that combines safety and family fun.

We look forward to sharing new properties we own or manage.  In a few years the next park you visit just might be ours!


What a Summer


August 28, 2013

These past few weeks we have seen some of Gerstlauer’s recent installations around the globe. It has been fun seeing some of the new projects and concepts; we hope to be opening some of these here in the states soon.

We begin at Erlebnispark Tripsdrill. “Karacho”, a launch coaster that uses the Infinity Trains, is an exciting ride. It accelerates past 60 mph in 1.6 seconds, but the launch is actually not the best part. The second act, if you will, of the Top Hat and Giant Corkscrew are amazing. They offer guests both on and off-ride great visuals and the ride really ends with a punch as the last two inversions are right before the brakes- a Diving loop that heads below grade and a corkscrew.

Then it was off to Japan to ride “Takabisha”. This Launched Euro-Fighter joined an already exciting line up of thrill rides at Fuji-Q Highlands: the classic TOGO hyper coaster “Fujiyama”, the coaster with the world’s fastest rate of acceleration, S&S’s “Dodonpa”, and “Eejenka”, an S&S 4th Dimension. Like Tripsdrill, “Takabisha” starts with a heartline roll in the dark that leads into a launch. From there the ride kicks into high gear and the LSM’s get it up to speed. The real winner in the first half is the third inversion, which is essentially a compressed Cobra Roll. Visually and dynamically it is a great element.

You complete the first half, and it feels like you have already been on a full coaster. But “Takabisha” has a trick up its sleeve. Guests are taken up the vertical lift and roll over the top. Instead of plunging right over the Euro-Fighter is held at 45-degrees and everyone screams. The ride dives to the ground at 121 degrees and flies through three more inversions. Whoo!

The last interesting coaster was the “Veil of Dark” at Tokyo’s Joyopolis. This combination attraction is part dark ride, part coaster and all fun. The 4-person Spinning vehicles all face forward, a first for Gerstlauer. From here, the ride moves through a dark ride section that features interactive shooting elements, projection screens, and gory zombie theming. The ride then moves into coaster mode and moves up a 15-foot chain lift. The car rounds the corner, unlocks, and is accelerated out a tire-drive launch into the open. It navigates a first for a Spinning Coaster, an inversion, and then tucks back out of the audience’s view. In the dark it does some back-to-back helices before coming to a rest in the station. Surprisingly, I won the battle, beating the other two people riding with me and came away with the highest score. Huzzah!


For Thrillseekers, It Feels Like Christmas in May


May 24, 2013

Having had the pleasure to run down to Texas and enjoy the newest thrills the Lone Star state has to offer, I can say it will be an exciting summer down there. We had two projects that were both a blast.

Due to Six Flags’ great marketing efforts you have probably heard of them, but if you have been living under the social media rock let me drop some knowledge on you. First, we head to Dallas where things are big. Very big. 400-feet big. The Texas StarFlyer, the tallest attraction in the park is a tower that never seems to stop. Visible from over ten miles away this vertical swing is amazing. 24 guests board tiny seats held only by chains that seem too small to be secure. The ride whisks riders to well over 30 stories in the air so they can see forever. One thing that separates this StarFlyer from others is the chain attachment method. All of the other Six Flags StarFlyer seats sit in between sweeps and have one set of chains attach to the sweep in front of them and one in back of them. In Arlington, everything attaches to one sweep directly above the seat. This single connection point means that the seats pivot side-to-side- a lot.

A few hours from Dallas, San Antonio to be exact, there is the Iron Rattler. This year we were lucky enough to work with the park on two projects, a Funtime Slingshot that opened in March and the Gerstlauer “Iron Rattler” trains that debuted in May. These new trains look fantastic and are some of the most comfortable rolling stock around (the coaster isn’t that shabby, either). Diving over and through the quarry walls that surround Six Flags Fiesta Texas the “Iron Rattler” trains really make a fiberglass statement. Each train is adorned with a detailed snake head in the front and a rattle in the back. They are hands-down some of the best roller coaster trains I have been on. While I am a bit biased, I feel if you look the Rattler in the eye you will feel the same.