Let’s dance- the Waltz will delight young and old.

Ride Description

These Waltz features an undulating floor. Above it, the vehicles are free to spin 360-degrees and move with gravity. In many ways this is a modern-day Tilt-a-Whirl. The vehicles and center column can be custom-themed to work with any ride name or theme. 

Technical Specifications

Ride Diameter: 18 m (59 ft)
Platform Diameter: 14 m (45.9 ft)
Footprint: 17 m (56 ft) circle
Instant Capacity: 36 riders
Hourly Throughput: 720 pph
Tech Specs:
Maximum Rotational Speed: 6 rpm
Braking System: Pneumatic
Foundation Style: Foundation
Ride Control System: PLC system
Drive System: Electrical
Electrical Power Req: 30 kW
Standards: Static calculations according to DIN, ASTM and CSEI regulations.