High Seas

Swinging across the ocean.

Ride Description

Metallbau is proud to offer the pirate ship in two different models, the Sinbad (24 seats) and the Santa Maria (42 seats). With each swing this classic amusement park attraction gets more exciting and offers airtime, a roller coaster-like experience in a flat ride. The ride is driven by a DC motor, which smoothly accelerates the family fun. All of the ride functions are program-controlled and different programs can be utilized that offer differing running times and heights.


The ship can be themed to many different concepts. A figure-head, anchor, sails, gun barrels, or a completely custom deisgn- anything is possible. In addition, Metallbau can offer an entry system, operator booth, and fencing.

Technical Specifications

Height: 24-seater 8 m (26.24 ft) or 42-seater 11 m (36.09 ft)
Instant Capacity: 24 or 42 riders
Hourly Throughput: 400 or 650 pph
Tech Specs:
Foundation Style: Foundation
Ride Control System: Allen-Bradley PLC system
Electrical Power Req: 24-seater 26 or 42-seater 50 kW
Standards: Static calculations according to DIN, ASTM and CSEI regulations.