Case Study: Amusement Parks

This is a walk through our project of Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio where we purchased and installed a 45-meter Slingshot extreme ride.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas had no additional pay “extreme rides” and both Ride Entertainment and Six Flags believed the park would benefit from a new scream machine. The Slingshot was scheduled to open in time for spring break to capture early season revenue and serve as a marketing talking point.


The park had an old ride that was scheduled for removal . After analysis this area served as a great location for the project because it offered a new vertical attraction in an area of the park without a tower ride. In addition, it would have a beneficial symbiotic relationship with the new coaster, Iron Rattler, which was located just down the midway, as the two attractions fed off one-another. The only major logistical issue was the approval of the Air Force base, which needs to green light all projects at the park due to pilot visibility.

slingshot-ride-entertainment-six-flags-fiesta-texas-thrill-ride-extreme-ride (6)

slingshot-ride-entertainment-six-flags-fiesta-texas-thrill-ride-extreme-ride (1)


After the old ride pad was cleared and prepped the EIP team worked with Fiesta Texas staff to install new fencing and a ticket booth. The ride was installed by the ride’s manufacturer, Funtime. Because of the unique construction it was erected and commissioned in a matter of weeks.


The park documented the ride’s opening through their social media feeds, especially Facebook and Twitter. In addition, park representatives appeared on local newscasts to discuss the new attractions and promote the ride to the general public.

Opening :

The ride debuted on-time and was a success on all fronts at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It generated additional guest spending, changed the park’s skyline, raised per-caps at adjoining food and beverage stands, and improved the overall guest experience. The ride’s success created a great partnership that will continue for years to come.