Case Study: Non-Profit Partners

This is an illustration of our project at Toronto Zoo in Canada where we purchased and installed a Soaring Eagle zipline.


The Toronto Zoo team was seeking a new thrill ride to add to their portfolio. Ride Entertainment proposed a Soaring Eagle zipline, giving guests great aerial views of the zoo and park below their feet. The attraction would be a great complement to the Rainforest Carousel and Gorilla Climb ropes course, both attractions that Ride Entertainment was already revenue sharing with the zoo. This installation shows the power of public-private partnerships and how a successful attraction promotes revenue development.


With a good deal of space, the park had a perfect opportunity to place a zipline on site. Placements of the ride platforms was crucial in enhancing rider experience alongside utilization of the land. The platforms were positioned so that guests would soar over the wolf exhibit in the park’s Tundra Trek area. The loading platform is adjacent to a popular food service area, allowing guests to watch others fly by as they enjoy a meal.



Foundation work and installation went underway in late May, performed by Ride Entertainment’s Installation Division. The project lasted four weeks and saw no complications in the process. Commissioning of the ride was completed shortly after, allowing the ride to open on the expected date.


The park took to social media to reveal the new attraction. They released a point-of-view video on their Facebook page and received an overwhelmingly positive response to the ride. The ride had an immediate economic impact on the zoo’s per-caps and quickly become one of its most popular attractions.

Opening :

The zipline opened and gave its first rides to guests in early July. The attraction enhanced the property as a whole, bringing in revenue through ticket sales and drawing crowds to adjacent food locations. It gave visitors a new way to enjoy their time at the zoo, increasing guest satisfaction. The ride’s success proved to be a great collaboration between the Toronto Zoo and Ride Entertainment.