The AirSurfer is the zipline come of age. For those who are looking for more than jumping from tree to tree, we offer the ride of a lifetime. With its ability to turn and go uphill the AirSurfer goes where traditional ziplines cannot.

The AirSurfer combines the best of ziplining and amusement park attractions rolled into one ride. You are invited to conquer one of the most exhilarating experiences available.

As the world’s only turning zipline the AirSurfer offers a rush like no other attraction.

The AirSurfer is available in three vehicle options:

SNOWBOARD: Stand on the board and experience the rush of speeding through the air.

SOAR: This seated model allows you to sit side-by-side with another guest and fly through the skies.

SNIPER: This model adds interactivity into a thrilling experience. Shoot at targets as you speed through the woods.

The AirSurfer Experience

After being fitted with a harness or belted into your seat, you are ready to take to the sky!

The operator clears you and the vehicle accelerates out of the station. You hit the first turn and sail through it. The speed starts as the vehicle climbs and accelerates up to 54 km/h (34 mph). Trees are whizzing by and the people are a blur as you pass over midways below. All of the sudden the ride turns to the left and cuts back as you surf through the next turn.


The AirSurfer Soar allows groups of two to enjoy the ride together.


The AirSurfer is a partnership between Ride Entertainment and TAIT Towers. TAIT is the World Market Leader in staging, scenic design, kinetic architecture, LED integration, show control and automated rigging. Among its claims to fame, TAIT supplied staging for nineteen of the top twenty highest grossing artist world tours including The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, U2, Madonna and more. TAIT is also known for specializing in one-of-a-kind projects, such as the LED integration and customization for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics, engineering and fabricating Las Vegas’ Omnia Nightclub Chandelier and Mr. Chow’s Kinetic Moon Sculpture, providing stage elements for the 2015 Academy Awards, in addition to the production and automation for Cirque De Soleil. With TAIT’s decades of experience in custom engineering and cable-based applications, they are the perfect partner for this project.


As the owners and manufacturers of Skycoaster®, Ride Entertainment has significant experience designing, manufacturing, and installing rides for the amusement industry. The technology behind the AirSurfer is complex, but our design philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible. We understand that the ownership experience is as critical as the guest experience. That is why we utilize technology and hardware proven in the amusement industry as the basis for our componentry.

The AirSurfer is designed, engineered and fabricated in the U.S.A. Tait and Ride Entertainment take pride in in working with some of the best companies to create our one-of-a-kind experience. Some of the ride’s key components are:

Vehicle: Guests can surf or sit during the experience.
Harness: A  purpose-built harness meeting ASTM standards.
Control System: A floating block system that keeps all riders safe.
Cable: Our critical component that gets our vehicle from point-to-point. We have been manufacturing cable-based attractions for over 20 years- it is our specialty.
Turns: Custom-designed and built structure that use our proprietary turning technology.


The AirSurfer Snowboard gives riders the opportunity to cut back on the ultimate adventure.


The AirSurfer Sniper offers interactive game play during the ride.


Like a roller coaster, the AirSurfer is infinitely customizable. The layout below is just one example of how the AirSurfer can be custom-designed to fit your property. We invite you to have us create a custom design for your property.