Gerstlauer Opens Mr. Six’s Pandemonium at Six Flags New England

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Agawam, Massachusetts: Guests to Six Flags New England can now ride the latest in family thrills on a Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster. Dubbed Mr. Six’s Pandemonium, the new 50-foot tall roller coaster is nestled amongst the park’s midways and other fun attractions. Six Flags New England came to Gerstlauer with the need for a coaster that attracted both the family and teen demographics. The company responded with their popular Spinning Coaster system, which opened at two parks for the 2004 season.

“We believe that Six Flags chose Gerstlauer because our ride is more than a simple spinning mouse,” said Franz Maier, a company representative. “This coaster has a little bit of everything- a fun first drop, hairpin turns, back-to-back helices, bunny hops and an exciting ending. It really is a fun coaster for everyone in the family”

The ride’s opening was full of celebrities, including Six Flags New England General Manager Mark Kane, New England Patriot players Mike Vrable and Roman Phifer, and Mr. Six himself. Television and radio stations from around the country saw the ride opened on April 14 and two days later the roller coaster officially joined the park’s coaster family as it opened for Six Flags New England’s first day of operation.

Mark Kane said, “This new roller coaster is a great addition to the park and we’re delighted to bring Mr. Six’s Pandemonium, along with Mr. Six and his incredible energy and excitement, to our guests. No other coaster in New England can offer this much fun and variety!”

Maier said that, “Gerstlauer appreciates the chance to be part of such a creative marketing campaign and looks forward to Mr. Six’s Pandemonium spinning thousands of riders throughout the 2005 season.”

PowderKeg Blasts Into Silver Dollar City

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The peaceful rolling hills of the Ozarks are the last place one might expect to find S&S Power’s latest steel coaster creation. But nestled on a hillside at Silver Dollar City is PowderKeg, a new air-launched steel coaster that provides thrills to the entire family.

This exciting ride is actually the combination of two attractions. In the winter of 2003 Silver Dollar City worked with S&S designers to incorporate a small amount of track and a lift hill from a previous water coaster, BuzzSaw Falls, into a new ride. It was a design challenge, but the S&S staff was up to it. Dody Bachtar, one of the company’s structural engineers, said the ride vehicle had to have the capabilities to use the existing “standard lift chain, [as well as our] launch system, magnetic brake and friction wheel boosters.”

What wasn’t kept was designed from scratch. S&S created a unique uphill transfer track to start the ride. From there the cars rolled forward onto the company’s patented Air Launch System. The acceleration, which is 0 – 53 mph in 2.8 seconds, pushes riders back in their seats as they shoot forward. “That launch is the smoothest we have ever done,” said company CEO Stan Checketts. As with everything at Silver Dollar City the ride features extensive theming. PowderKeg’s theme is that of a gunpowder mill, many of which used to dot the Ozark hills. General Manager Brad Thomas described the launch sequence as follows, “As the ‘nitro’ explodes, the cars blast out of the building with special effects of fire and smoke shooting through the roof.”

Alan Schilke, one of the ride’s designers, said that it was a challenge to walk the line between thrilling and fun. “Herschend Family Entertainment wanted an attraction that was exciting, but family-friendly. With a great launch, five negative-g airtime hills and two twisting floats we know we came up with a perfect fit for the park.”

In addition to the exciting layout, the coaster sports new restraints from S&S Power that allow guests 42 inches and up to safely and comfortably enjoy the attraction. The patented S&S “dual-locking” restraint system can safely hold the widest range of guest sizes in the industry.

After the launch the ride goes through a series of airtime hills, over banked turns and a speedy ending before engaging the lift hill.  Guests get breathtaking views of the rolling hills and Tablerock Lake before plunging down to earth and through the ride’s last exciting element, a Dragonfly Turn.

Needless to say, everyone is thrilled with PowderKeg.  Stan Checketts said that, “I am very proud of this coaster.  It offers something for everyone and that is the mark of a great ride.”

S&S Power is represented worldwide by Ride Entertainment Systems ( of Stevensville, Maryland.

Quick Stats

Launch:                            0 – 53 mph in 2 seconds
Ride Length:                      3,506 feet
Top Speed:                       64 mph
Tallest Vertical Drop:          110 feet
Height Restriction:              42 inches