Our Story

Mixing excitement and laughter with large doses of thrills for all ages, the Ride Entertainment Group proves each and every day you are never too young or too old to have the experience of a lifetime.

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Careers- Business Development Associate

The Ride Entertainment Group is one of the amusement industry’s most diverse and fastest-growing companies. Combining the disciplines of Sales, Operations, Financial Partnerships, Installations, and Ride Manufacturing, the company works in every segment of the entertainment industry. We are a boutique firm that is large enough to have a worldwide presence, but small enough to […]

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Press Releases

Slingshots Scream Skyward at Cedar Fair Parks

Guests at Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughn, Ontario, Canada) and Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.) were sent skyward in 2015. Both parks opened 60-meter Slingshots that shoot guests nearly 90 meters (295 feet) in the air. The Slingshots were manufactured by Funtime of Austria. The contracts were negotiated by Ride Entertainment and installation was done by a […]

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A New Carowinds

When I went to Carowinds (www.carowinds.com) this year to check out our new Slingshot installation I not only enjoyed a thrilling experience, I saw a fresh take on some things make this industry great.  Not a big surprise, but I still feel that the Slingshot is one of the best thrills out there.  Going from […]

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We are the amusement industry’s leading provider of after-sales service to parks of all sizes. Our strength is in staff members with decades of theme park experience dedicated to meeting your needs!

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Meet Our Team


Ed Hiller

Chief Executive Officer


Adam Sandy

Chief Business Development Officer


Ami Abramson

Chief Financial Officer


Bill Wright

Managing Director: Installations

david galst

David Galst

Managing Director: Operations


Mark Rosenzweig

Managing Director: Skycoaster® & Branded Attractions


Mike Gutknecht

Managing Director: Special Projects


Jessica Aponte