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Mixing excitement and laughter with large doses of thrills for all ages, Ride Entertainment proves each and every day you are never too young or too old to have the experience of a lifetime.

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Fantasy Forest Continues to Grow

Mommy Poppins had a great write up on our Queens site, Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows Carousel. They said: “Flushing Meadows Corona Park is already jam-packed with cool kids’ attractions like the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Zoo and a historic carousel. But there’s always room for more. Fantasy Forest at the […]

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Press Releases

New Skycoaster® Becomes Instant Landmark at Andy Alligator’s Fun Park


Motorists traveling along I-35 just 10 miles south of Oklahoma City now have a prime view of the State’s newest thrill ride- a 109 foot A-Frame Single Skycoaster® that has instantly become the new vertical icon for Andy Alligator’s Fun Park. The combination FEC-Waterpark has steadily grown since its debut and the addition of the […]

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Thrills Have a New Competitor- Interactivity


Buzzwords exist for a reason. While “thrill” is certainly part of our lexicon in the attractions industry, we continue to see a demand and response for all things “interactive”. Several things have changed that have altered park-goer’s demand for interactive rides, but the go-to that makes the most sense is the cost and quality of […]

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We are the amusement industry’s leading provider of after-sales service to parks of all sizes. Our strength is in staff members with decades of theme park experience dedicated to meeting your needs!

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Meet Our Team


Ed Hiller

Chief Executive Officer


Adam Sandy

Chief Business Development Officer


Ami Abramson

Chief Financial Officer


Bill Wright

Managing Director: Installations

david galst

David Galst

Managing Director: Operations


Mark Rosenzweig

Managing Director: Skycoaster® & Branded Attractions


Mike Gutknecht

Managing Director: Special Projects


Jessica Aponte